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putting the bay on a diee. -he epa's new plan to cut pollution in the chesapeake bay. >> you said you wanted to play >> too sexy for sesame street. why atie perry was booted from the children's show. you know vegetables are good save your llfe. how this zucchini saved this dog and its owner from a bear attack. good morning. it's friday, septemmer 24th. i'm patrice harris. because it's friday, that meaas it's your turn to sound off on oor facebook page about anything you wan.ú let us know what is on your mind and your response could air on our facebook feedback segment. already comments coming in.
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just go toú to becom3 a fan and join the conversation. now e need to have a conversation with meteorologist steve fertig about our weekend weather. -p the popcorn should be soundinn off in thh background, and lotssof t we have reduced visiiility out there because of the fog. temperatures out there pretty mild. i don't think you will mind that part. we are starting at 72 degrees throughout the area. 70 in salisbury and 59 in hagerstown. dry scannin sky hd radar, no, thhugh there's a chance of some i will tell you when that would be, but maybe not ttis weekend as we stay dry and hot today, and i think we say hot, beccuse temperatures will be near 90 degrees or above. the record is 95 as we get close to it. cooler ir is on the way for the ú%ld front for the weekend. i will let you know how much cooler, near record high for today and in the low 90s and maybe even mid-90s cooling saturday and sunday and showers
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early to mid-next week. let's see what is appening on the roadways. lauren cooke has the traffic edge. lauren, we are already talking about fog, certaintyy >> reporter: we are dealing with a ton of fog this morning. do not expect rrducee visibility. it's going to be the worst in3 carroll county and in baltimore county. we doohave an accident at tannytown at the francis key highway. watch out for a road thaa is on the road at route 97 at 9 96 dem u.s. road. it's going to be extremely foggy if you're traveling in this vicinity, fortunately no dellys, just reddced speeds if you can, and be eetra careful as you head out this morningg live look at liberty road where everything issup to speed, but very foggy in his icinity.3 you're looking at an 11-minute ride from 795 to 95. ii will get worse as we make our way to parrville. here is our way to harford road, we are dealing with a lot of
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reduced visibility. you want to be careful as youú patrice, bbck to you. 6:033on ox 45 morning neww. recent studies show it is as %-in he chesapeake bay coold be slushed flushed away. today he environmental release a plan for the restore of thh bay. today we wiil see whattha that means for you. >> good morning, patrice. if this plans works, it means that you can breathe easier withhut olddng the nose. we have seen theedamage the bay -an cause wwen it's poluted from algae blooms to bacteria infection. got sick after eating raw oyster from the bay.úl fish that came studies showed it to be as dirt3 as the toilet. students have trieddtheir best to clean up thh bby. >> the bay is loaded with sediment pollution.
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our bay is in trouble. reporter: but know hose concerns could be washed away. less han a month aao, six bay watershee states including maryland submitted their clean up plans under a restoration strategy ordeerd by president obama. now, the ep affidavit s goingae its compiled plan ater today. for thh most process this has been smooth sailing. there's a ripple in virginia. officials are concerned about the coss and the scienceebehind the clean up strait stege straa. a man is dead after being shot several times in east -altimore. it happened around broadway and east oliver street. police say the victim was shot several times in the stomach. he later died. police have no motive or suspect. a oman dies after losing connrol of her car in the
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pprking lot of the whitemarsh mall. light poll. the impact caused her to be thrown from the car. medics pronounced her dead at the zone. inveetigators say that the woman could have been involved in a shoplifting incident at the ikea store, but she wasn't being pursued by police at the time of the crash. a man pleads guilty to sexual abuse ccarges. court his mmrning and is expected to agree to a plea deal on the harges that he sexually abused an altar boy back in he was indicted on 2 counts of child abuue. pastor of the church of st. patrick in cumberlandd the university of virginia is hhlding a day of dialogueú following the murder of lacrosse ppayer and cockeysville native the day long event will center around violeece, violence
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the university officials decided to holddthe discussioo following love's death in may. she was found dead in her apartmmnt. hee xboyyfrien boofriendd hugus charged with her murder. the ravens prepare to host their first home ame of the year. every day is a home game for one dudundalk family. every day is a purple day. thing about this room isle amazing, good morning, patrice. even the control to watcc the game has been raven a fied. -hat is the new word. this is your idea, wwere did you come up with it ssme. >> as kevin said, he owned a -ool table and he got rid of it. iisaid o him, i know that i'm a big ravens fan. i want toomake that my rrvens room. i told him i wanted the top
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purple and the bottom whiteeú >> rrporter: these guys are in raven game gear. they are watching the game weú don't want to watch out. has it wooked outtthe way yyu want it had to. >> yeah, i lovv my room. >> reporter: how much money do you think you have put into this room. >> like kevin said, i believe about $5,000. >> reporter: patrice, they have everything, down tt tte yoo are talking about thh fan, it's a good faa room when youu3 fans, of course. even the blades are always purple. >> they have details you3 wouldd't have necessarily thought about. how long did it take ttem to pull that together? >> reporter: the total time %->> reporter: a year to really do it. %-a year.tely do it right about yoo're talking abouttputting your own astro turf, it would taae sometime. >> no matter where you are from,
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we are lookinn for all of ravens to send us photos showing off youu pprple pride. go to and click on the community features -ection.ú book worms celebrate the staat of the 15th nnual baltimore book festival. the event kicked on and mayor stephanie rawlings-blake and our oven steve fertig was there. it includes nagil backer from america's next top model. he will be in town to discuss his book. one oofthe contestants of this season of the hit modeling competttion is here from baltimore. jane from america's nexx top model will join s live instudio coming up in the 8:00 houu. instead of teaahing kids to count, the people at sessme street may be counting theú number of complaints from %-upcoming episode of the ssow featuring singer katie perry hit youtubee some areesaying that the pop
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star needs to cover up for her cameo with elmo. ♪ million iiws. one youtube user asked s sesame street a porno now. but others say that erry's bbrely there top is no big deal. llter his year. sesame says it's pulling the %-ffedback.ause of the negative still to come, ready, set launnh. where you can have some higg flying fun this weekend coming up next in our hommtown hot spot. and can you show me how tt get to sesame street? you know, they're going to have3 some fog around the arra. we have rain coming next
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to lawrnlg scale aerobatic
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to specialty air war planee. are these for the family to get ttut there o try to fly or are these for adults to do. >> some of the high perforrance planes, don't try it at home. the performance we will have insttuctor. so anybody who has an interest in trying.3 hook the trainers on. if you get in trouule the -nstructor maa be over to take control of the plane. >> i'm envisioning people having to duck out of way of incoming planes. >> if anything is incoming, the inntructor wiil take t high up in the air. we do have a safety area where expectators will stay behind. just a lot of fun. we will check in is see those planes in action. >> the family fun, weekenddfly in is at southwest area park, saturday and unday. for more informatton log on to in does look like fun. in fact, not a good day to fly,
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at least this morning with all of the fog out there..3 you are looking at the capital3 which has its share of fog right now. now you're look athsky hd radarú -- looking at sky hd radar. there's some showers aad obviously, i mean not showers, excusenn. there's moisture out there, but not the showers thattwe can use. will talk about why in a moment. ú%ght now, we are showing clouds at the inner harbor.ú %-calm so not winds out therr. 91% relative humidity, 30.11 and %-722is the temperature right nw in baltimore. 73 in d.c. 70 in salisbury and 69 in hagerstown. of year.ime of day aad this time temperatures are going to warm up from he 70s to about 93 degrees we are thinking for the high. 95 dderees today. as weedo, it would be the 58 time we have done that this
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season and well, summer into record already. we will just increase that record. meanwhile, the cood front will be coming our way, it will come in here by tomorrow. it won't bring any rain still, beeause it's going tooa ddy front coming through. the cooler air comes our way asú we drop into the 80s tomorrow. we drop inno the low 70s by sunday as the coollair continues to filter in. kkep an eye n tropical storm matthew which has 53 miles an hour winds. as it heads toward central america, you see the course making landfall on early sunday morning. thhn it becomes tropical depression as it brings a lot oú moisture to the gulf. some of that moisture may help3 to feee the chance of a shower from late monday into tuesday, wednesday and maybe thursday as well as e have another front coming in and low brush wwt preh
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it. 10-15-mile-an-hour wind out of the centrrl part of the maryland getting up to 93. could get up to 95. we will see if we break that record or at least tie it. a little breezy too, but it will be a warm breeze. back to the west looking for a high temperature of 94 degrees with a lot of sunshine, souuhwest wind at 10 to 15:00. southwest wind at 5-15. it will be a warm night then. tomorrow cooler, 75 degrees, 72 on sundayy more loud cover but a mixed partly cloudy skies. and m ask t stadium, kickoffú time. and it should be a nice day for %-there youugg, how do you like that? we got the rest f tte week. 75 for monday, 79 on tuesdaa, 78 wednesday and 79 on thursday we can definitely need. we are 2 1/2 inches behind for
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lauren cooke ii here with the traffic edge. >> reporter: thank you, steve. ww are dealing with a ton of fog ressut.uced visibility as a if youuhave been traveling in cecil county, aafog warning is in effect. for those of you in baltimore county it's going to be bad if you're traveling at 83. here is a live look at w warren there's no accidents or delays. you want to use reduced sseeds iffyou're traveling in the area. as for the beltway, here is a look at liberty roaddwhere you can see more. 11-minute ride from 795 to 95. as you make your way to harford road it will get a little more foggy. but again,,no delays to report and you make the push toward3 towwon. it should be a nice and easy ride. annaccident at towson and another one in ast baltimore at sleet streett3 we are dealing with a good bit of fog in carrrll county. we have an accidenn in taneytown at the francis keith highway.
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if you're in westminister watch out for a cow on the road. patrice, back to you. thank you, lauren. the fog is causing ome school delays this morning. care line county schools are opening two hours late. queen ann schools are 90 minutes late this morning.3 so just be aware as you are heading out. joke the bess? we announce the firrt of three3 winners in our funniest joke think you are the biggest ravens fan. we kickoff purple fridaa at ne
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stocks struggled in the fine hour of trading tuesday finally ending lower.
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the dow fell .7 of a percent. the nasdaq and s&p 500 ended in the red. a $42 billion small business ailed bill isshead to the president's deck. it's intended to create 500,000 jobs and make credit more easily available. it's alss tt for tax breaks to help small businesses. some wal-mart customers had difficult time checking out.3 while doing required maintenance on thh data system, aabreaker failed disrupting ability to process credit and debit transactions. the business was back after 90 minutes, and apologized to the customers who were inconvenienced. david -- the 35thhrichest person in america is giving $100 mmllion to theenewark
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school system. he is expected to make the announcement on oprah on friday governor are expected to join -im. we announce the first of three winners in our joke contest coming upp next the first phase of america saves on dunkin', america runs on dunkin', with three freshly baked bagel twists for only $3, like our delicious new tomato basil or sweet chocolate chip, so grab three for 3 today. [ ding! ]
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6 months agoo president owe bam signed into law a sweeping healthcare overhaul. the law kicked in providiig new protections to milliins of americans. meanwhile republicans are still drumming up support to repeal
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parts of the plan. our insider armstrong willlams joins us this morninggfor tte washington wrap. good morning, armstrong. >> good morning,,patrice. >> good morning, you're shaking your head already. %--here's new rovision insidd place this week, parentsscan keep their kids on insurance longer, sick kiis can't be denied cooerage.ú that kind of thhng. is that not the direction we should be going as a country? >> you know, someone is going to pay the cost for it, yee, while3 it's a good hing that you can keep your adult child on until they're 26 yeers old, but guees -haa?ú the premiums for that coverage is going to skyrockkt, absolutely. you know, i tell you, the reaso3 i shake my head because sometimes i want to scream and cringe like most people. because, what they perpetrated as obama ccre and what they told -s we wereegetting. no one looked at the fine print and we find especially for small business owners who were told thee would have an option in
6:26 am
%-obama care and ffrce insuuance policies, now we find out that 3 to 4% of employees, 62% of small business owners and 69% of large corporate businesssowners will be forced to take obama's insurance. ttey will be forced to ttke the3 health care. for those small business owners that have never provided health insurance to their emplooees, it will be unbelievable for them to absorb this cost. many of them will shuudown and they wll become employees aad guess what, if you don't take obama care forced coverage, they return if you have a refund coming back. and listen -- p> let me ask yyu. the public are still afraid a lot of what is in this plan. areethey afraid becauss of whht is in he plan or what is being3 represented what the plan is all about. there's a new poll out that says 50% of senior citizens still think hat there's those death squads that are going to make decisions of whether they are
6:27 am
going to live oo dde. that is not true, but there's still misinformation in those ccses that are out there. >> at one time i advocated that the death squads are not true. but i got it tell you if you read the legislation that was enacted. i mman if you're in the last six months or seeeral mooths of your life where 48% of the heelthcare cost goes, yoo have a serious problem.ú i go at th to got to tell you s. they dwon do ot encourage the medical facilities to provide the kind of coverage. thees senior ciiizens are up to something. %-it's prettyyscary.legislatton, >> a lot of people ought to do that. >> thank you, armstrong. it's an unusual choice of how a woman ought off a bear with a zucchini. it has been eating ggragg for years, but now tte ccesaaeake bay could be going on a pollution diet.
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i'm megan gilliland. the plan that coull change the bay as we know it. it's not stay ssadium, but boy, it might be the next best thing, maybe ven better. i'm joel d smith at dundalk and a place 
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6:30 on foxx45 morning news3 welcome back. i'm patrice hhrris. fox's all new comedy line up ha3 hit the small screen and all
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this week we ave been looking for someone s funny as fox. we picked three winners who all submitted jokes to our website. the first winnerrof the morninn is james mccaffrey from sparks. youuwon a slide hd flip camera and here is his joke. >> who is the only iriih man tt patio furniture. >> if you want toohear more jjkes you can go to catch all new episodes of glee, tuesday's at 8:00, raising hope at 9:00 and running wilde here at 9:30 on fox 45. ii you didn't win this time, don't worry. we are going to reveal two more winners this mornnng. the fog is causing school %-areeopeninn late this morning. and kent and howard county schools are opening late this morning.
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llt's find out what is going on with this fog..3 patto furriture. >> that's wild. i meaa anybody can win. obviously, we will see who else wins later o. >> i thought it was funny. >> very cute. aasolltely, not just kent county with fog this morniig but other areas. takk a look at what we havv ouu3 there as far as the bus stop foreccst. 70 degrees is the starting >> maybe it was my delivery. >> your delivery, no, it was it was exactly the way it was supposed to be. at the bus stop and arrund the surrounding area, there ould be %-so be aware and give yoorself extra time. we are going to hear from lauren roadway. we are ttlking about a chance of some rain coming your way. i will tell you when that is. a hot day that mayyapppoach the record of 95 degrees. it may be a couple of degrees shy. i will tell you about the ress of the weekend forecast in a moment. here is lauren cooke with the
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check of the traffic edge..3 >> repprter: thank you, steve. we are dealinggwith heavy fog -f youure traveling up in cecilú county, you want to be aware of3 a fog warning that is in effect for those of you travel ago cross the tidings memorialú bridge. ii's going to be thh worst at baltimore county. here at warren road you can't see much so do expect extreeely ú%duced visibility if you are traveling in this area. as you make your way on to the beltway,,here is a look aa harford road. you do want to use reduced -peeds if at alllpossible. be extra careful out there this morning. ww do have an accident at petty hill and another in howard county in ellicott city right at route 40 at rogers avenue. that was the traffii edge report, patrice, back to you. thank you,,lauren. 6:33 on fox 45 morning news. the cloody, ameeicay bay water that often smells pretty badú diet it needs. todayythe federal envvronmental3
6:34 am
protection agency is set to reeease its restoration plan for the waterway. megan gillilaad is live with the -atest on what this means for you in the days or eeen years t3 come. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. waterway itself and ffr all of us 2 see it every day and smell it. you we are seen the damage that is caused when it's poluted from theealgae blooms to the bacteri3 infections. just in the laat few months, peeple got sick after eating shell fish and oyster that came from the boy. studies have showed it to be as dirty as the oilet. %-that is on the land, whether ú%'s pet waste, whether it's wildlife, you know, goose poop, whatever, that is all running off into our waterways. >> now those concerns could soon be washed way. less than a month ago, six bay wattr bay shed states including maryland submitted their watershed clean up plans.
6:35 am
now the epa wwll release its compiled plan today. we aae told it will require sweeping actton by all of those watershed statts. for the most part the ppooess has been smooth sailing. there was one ripple made in virginia, though. officials there are concerned ú%out the cost and the science -ehind the clean up strategy, which will likely require pollution cuts by faamers, sewage plant operators and others as well. megan gglliland. funeral arrangements have killed in afganistan earlier -his week. lieutenant brandon loney wiil be laid to rest at st. john's the baptiss church in silver spring. he was one of nine people killed when a helicopter crashed on tuesday. he played for the .s. naval academy. a settlement is reached more thaa two years after a crash on the bay bridge that leff one man dead. 57 ears old john sshrt died in the summer of 2008 after he swerved his tractor trailer to avoid an on coming car.
6:36 am
the ruck hit a jersey wall before falling 30 feet into the bay below. driving the other vehicle hass33 damages. -he had aablood alcohol level o3 .03, but prosecutors said that was too low to press criminal charges. two men charged with attempted murder following a beating at the sheraton hottl will head to trial. dominique, anderson ann omar abduulah are facing charges3 including first degree assaull the downtown hotel when a fight3 broke out. puuled out a gun and shot someone. that is when anderson and abdullah started to beatthhm. -e suffered headdtrauma. she is howard county teen hurt if a terrorist bombing last july. that photo was take anyone
6:37 am
johannesburg south africa. ttat is when she was beginning to recovvr. sheehas endureddmore than a dozen surgeriess tonight they will hold a emily's dad said the cost of her medicare arr astronomical. actually getthee home into the house and i contacted myinsurant sooething s simpll as a %-no coverage for that. there's peopleehave to be stuck in the hospital because they don't have a wheelchair ramp to get home >> that ramp alone could cost $10,000. the fundraiser will be held tonight from 630 to 10:30 p.m. at our lady of perpetual heep at ill chester road in ellicott city. the term fan comes from the word fanatic. and nowhere is that more clearer than in he home of some purple blooded ravens fans. joel d smith is live n dundalk at one home where the family
6:38 am
that lives there is definitely full of fanatics all the way to the fanatic fan where you were showing you the blade of the fan are even purple. >> reporter: yeah, from top to bottom, this the blades up top. astro turf down wit belowwwith e ravens emblem. we got kevin and kimy who puu3 this place teeth. together, this is pplce is amazing. it ook you a fear and 5,000 later. -ou got to be happy. >> very happy. >> reporter: you got a lot of itees and tell me how you got all of this stuff. ú% particular, tell me about this one right here. >> i got it at a sighent auction -- silent auction. my frrcture's next door neighbor was diagnosed with leukemia. she was hospitalized and they needed help with money. i kinddof over id on the helmet, but i knew it was going to be a good cause.
6:39 am
>> reporter: there's ool memories here and help some peeple out as well asshelping jury self out, with really puuting finishing touches on a patrice, this is the place to be. %-no she lake thh quiet duriig e game. >> very quiet. -f kevin startt to talk a llt, i ask him o leave. if ca>> reporter: she is aasers fan, she likes her ball is she likes tte quiet. >> and the woman rules the house, so she gets what she wants. thank you. >> reporter: yep. we are ooking for all of you ravens fans to send s photos showing off your urple pride. go to and clic3 on the community features section. a montana wwman fightt off a 200-pound black bear attacked a woman 12 years old dog. he she yelled at the bear but ú-she then raa into the house ad grabbed a zucchini from the kitchen counter. -he woman hrew the vegetable at theeanimal and it an into the
6:40 am
woods. don't know if zucchini would have been my choice to grab out of the kitchen wheee the knives are and everything else, ut it worked. right after the break. heavy fog causinn gridlock across the area. look at this 33
6:41 am
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tat's the shot of north baltimore. you can see some fog there. not as heavy there as it hass3 been in a lot of places. thh fog has been causing school delays this morning. caroline ccunty schools are opening two hours late. kenn and queen ann county schooll are opening 90 minutes late this morring. steve, whee i came in this morning,,there was ffggin some ú-through.t i could barely see
6:43 am
>> there's fog out there, ú%trice and a lot of moisture that made forrthe humid day that we should yesterday anddnow we have to deel with the reduced visibility. not seeing with regard to rain. we are behind 2.22 inches of rain. there's an opportunity to pick up some rain and i will teel you why and when. 72 degrees for the temperature with the fog to deal with. wind are calm,,30.11, holding steadyyon the barometer and 69 is the dew point. %-our weather, yesterday and agn todaa.ú 72 degrees is the teeperature, rather warm this mornnng, in bbltimore, 73 in d.c., and 69 in hagerstown. it looks like we're headed toward the reeord. we wiil seeeif break the record of 95 degrees as the warm or hot air really comee our way from the south and west today. again, thattsouthwesterly flow issgoing tt ringgthose temperaturrs into the low 90s we think for the 58th time this year. so that is already a record at ú%. we may hit 58, thhugh today as
6:44 am
we head to the 90s we think. the frontal boundary back to the west going to can through here as a ry cold frrnn. it it's going to bring relief in terms of tomorrow. tomorrow is till well above the aveeage of 76 as ww climbb t the mid-80s tomorrow. cooler or ssnday s we drop -nto the low 0s. very comfortable as we get into the eekend. we are keeping our eye on tropical storm matthew as you can see it here sppnning at 52-mile-an-hour winds. as this moves toward the west -nd heads into central america and mexico as it moves the moisture, you will see the tropical gretio depression. some of that moistuue or all a lot of that moisture will be we do expect some rain as the low ppessure center heads in ou3 direction. that can add o it and we needd3 the eastern shore with a lot of sunshine, though. the central part of the state,3 cliibs to 93, we may have the record of 95, will be closs,
6:45 am
southwest wind at 5-15. the southern part of mmryland, 10015-mile-an-hour wind. tonight we drop o 69 degrees, a warr notic night and the wind il breezy. tomorrow the 95--egree high,,72 sunday with alik a looks like a pretty good day. kickoff temperatuuee,70 degrees. lets see if we -- that's good. ú-by the way i'm 3 for 3 soofar. the rest of the week shows3ú%te. here comes in the rain, 75 on tuesdaa, and 78 and 75 with shhwers on wednesdayyand thursdayy here is whattis happening on the here is lauren cooke. out for the ravens, steve. that was a pretty good kick..3 we are dealing with fog this where you don't see mucc here at warren road.
6:46 am
speeds, not slowwspeeds. bit if you are traveling in the area and definitely turn on thh low beams. as for the roadway, here is a live look at liberty rrad. yyo're lookinggat an 11-minute ride along the outee loop from 795 to 95, we're dealing with more fog as we make our way o parkville. where you're looking at a slow -e aae dealing with several small accidents at towson at putty hill avenue and another in %-at rossville rrad travel in the city where we are deeling with a crashhattlee street and aaother accident thi3 morning in howard county right in ellicott city at tte intersection of route 40 at rogers avenue. for easy offyou traveling in cecil county you do want to watch out for a fog warning that is in effecc ffr those of you travel ago cross the tidings memorial bridge..3 we do haaeeanother crash in westminister right on the francis key highway at. thht is the traffic edge report.
6:47 am
patriie, back o you. thank you, lauren. %-'n' roll are coming here to or area. the virgin mobile free fest isút pavilion from 11:00 a.m. toú 12:00 p.m. we want to get you there for frre. the 10th caller right now at (410)488-4545 wins a pair of tickett. foormore information about the virgin est go to 6:47 is the time. you are watching fox 45 morning news, all local all morning..,
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new this morning, a man is dead after being shot several the victim was shot several -imes in the stomach. he as taken to hopkkns where he later died. a driver ies aftee losing control of her car in the parking lot of whitemarsh maal. throogh he lot when she hit a
6:50 am
light poll. medics pronounced her ead at the scene. they will decide if a man can be charge with abusing a child if heenever evennlaid a hand onnherr carroll walker is accused of sexually abusing an 8-year-old girl by sending her dozens of love letters. everyone, including walker's attorneys agree the letters were inappropriate, but observers are -plit on whattshould happen next. legally this doesn't meet the definition the sexual -xploitation. attorney sseve allen joins us this mornnng with a closer look good morning. >> good morning, patrice..3 >> let's start off with some of these letters say. it's pretty disturbing. they said it's inappropriate, but he s sending letterr to an 8 years ld, you are myylove, you have my heart forever. i have dreams f holding you.ú i do think of kissing sometimes but i would never do it if you
6:51 am
didn't want to. what do you think the judge is going to say about the letters. >> the judge is goiig to convict him of one of two things. when we think of chiid abuse, it means gratification. and the one could easily argue that he sent these lettees o thisschild, one to find, for his own sexual gratification, that -e got sexual thrill out of how she reacted. also, there's an attempt statute here and he has been chhrged with attempt.3 there's a ccncept of what we3ú -all grooming behavior, where you essentiallyyset thh child up advances. and one could argue that these letterr, which talk about how much he loves her and the3 ccucial one, i woulddkiss you if -ou would let me. >> yee. >> it's setttng ssmething llter ú% for later molesting. it's very easily an attempt. i would expect the judge to convict. the fact thattthe judge diddnotú
6:52 am
diimiss he case at the end of the stage case, means that the judge thinks there's a crime, otherwise they would have %-thinggpeople would gooonline o solicit minors, and they set up meetings and there's the police ú%st. they have never touched anyone, but it was the intention. is that the same kind of did? >> it's the same concept, although there are special statutes dealing with that, but yes, it's the same concept. he was setting this girl up to molested. >> all right, this is precedent setting. what will this mean for future cases? the linn, someone could say, e saii this to me. he never touched me but it made me uncomfortable. >> uncomfortaale, however is not a crime. the question is did he cross the -ine? %-exploitatioo is.maryland cases so this is on the cutting edge and weewill now from he appellate court wwen the case goes up on appeal wherr you
6:53 am
cross line. >> you're already assummng that it's going to beeappealed if the judge convicts. >> absolutely. >> thank you veey much. >> my pleasure. coming up in the 7:00 hour, she is headed acc to the chances lindsay lohan's court ú%pearancc today could land her back in tteeslammer. >> some kind of freedom fighter. years in the making.úome back 23 we take you inside wall street
6:54 am
6:55 am
23 years after the origiial wall street, michael douglas rrunites with the director oliver stone for alwall street money never sleeps. he is let back out of prison and
6:56 am
let back intt hii playground. it's like selling crack to kids on a lay ground. ú% while trying to repair his relationship with his ddughter, he aligns himself with a new trader played by shea wwl le bu. >> wall street money neverr3 sleeps is rated pg13. brother is about to mary er old high school bully and sets out toosabotage the proceedings. a talented veteran cooedians, upstage. segorny weaver gets o dig their claws into one another.ú >> as lonn as they keep asking >> she stars at bell's
6:57 am
grandmother. >> we need a tight eal. ú% you again, is rated pg13. the visionary behind 300 and ú%e watch mmn brings his newest %-guardians.ion to legends of right now you missed your a young barn owl is taken from his home nd oft embark on a dangeeous life changing journey. the film condenses the first three books f the popular seeies into one sstry. in is a live look at north baatimore and in the nation's capital. whaa you need to know aa you and talk aaout aagreat way to watch a game. in. i'm joel d smith in dundalk. up next find out a
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
w on fox 5 morning news. putting the bay on a diet. pollution in the chesapeake baa3 think you're the biigest rrvens fan in baltimore. we kickoff purpll friday t one family's house that could be hard to beat. and sure, he has got some
7:01 am
fancy foot work, but they're still my pigskin predictions. ú%e if i could hold my own against harlem gold trotter. good morning. it'' friday seppember 24th. and it ii a foggy morning out be careful as you hit the roadways. this is north baltimore and thi3 isn't as nearlyyaa foggy as we have seen in some parts of our region. you do see the fog there but it gets even worse depending on where you are traveling. just be careful. it's not just herr. our nation's capital dealing with the same thing. up and down this corridor people ú%e dealing with ffg this morning. usually when we get fog this thick, you know what that meaas. it's causiig school delays. caroline couuty sshools are opeeing two hours late.3 kent and queen ann'sscounty schools aree90 minutes late this
7:02 am
morning something to be aaare oo as you are heading out. good morning, i'm patrice hhrris. meteorologist steve fertig ee what he says about the wind and fog. theee is a lot of people out there saying, they have beee in the fog before in d.c., you didn't come out the way i wanted to, ut you got the point. >> not one of our funniest jokes. >> no not really. 60 degrees for the the starting temperature and we doohave some ffg and some of ii s very dense. we will hear frrm lauren cooke momenmomentarily as far as the traffic edge. you o sse dry conditions otherwise, so no rain but it's definittly moist in the air ith that humidity that ii going to build through the day. that moisture that will be left over. at starting out and 87 the high temperature of -- we will seeeif we tie the record which is 95. let's see what is happeniig on
7:03 am
the roadways with lauren cooke. >> repprter: as you mentioned we are dealing with a ton of fog this morning, it's going to be3 the worst n baltimore county. take a look at this live hot..3 you can't even see 83 here aa warren road. you do want o beeextra caution redoes the speeds and turn on the low beams. as for the beltway, it's going to be foggy in this vvcinity as well. do expect congestion on the3 you're looking at a 15-minute %-aaerage speed of only 40 miles per hour. frrm 795 to 95, it's starting tt pick up in ttat vicinity, but you're stillllooking at an 11-minute trip with an average -- pretty low average speed of 38 miles per hour. no problems to report on the northeast corridor of 95 from whitemarsh boulevard to the beetway. you're looking at a 4-minute per hour. that's a look at the traffic edge. back to you.ú recent studies shhw it is as
7:04 am
dirty as a toilet, but all of ú%at ollution in the chesapeake bay could soon be fllshed away. today the federal environmental protection agency is set to release a restoration plan for the waterway. megan illiland is live with the latest on what that means for you. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, pptrice. if this plan works, it means you can breathe easily for the first your nose. it means cleaner water for all of the organisms living innthee3 bay and for those of us that eat out of it. just last month a few dozen people got sick after eating the raw hiss tor oysters and chhl t came from the bay. a lot of people even students3 have tried their best to clean it up. >> the bay is lladed with sediment pollution. our bay is in trouble. >> reporter:: now ttose concerns could be washed away. less than a month ago, 6 water base sheds iicluding maryland
7:05 am
submitted theer clean up plans under a restoration strategy orddrrd by president obama. now tte epa will release its compiled plan today. it will require sweeping action by the watershed states. for most part the process hhs been smooth sailing. there was ne ripple maae in ú%ficials there are concerned about the cost and also the science behind this ccean up strategy which will likely require pollutton cuts by farmers, sewage plant ooerators3 and otherss too. megan gilliiand, fox 45 morning news. plead guilty to sexual aause charres. 74 years old thomms blevin isú due in court this morniig and expected to agree to a plea deal sexually abuseean altar boy in -976. he was indict in january on two counts of child abuse. pastor of a church of participanst. patrick in cumber3
7:06 am
the universiiy of virginia is holding a day of dialogue. the day long day will center around violeece, violence preveetion and campus safety. tte university of officiall decided to hold the discussion following love's death in may. she was found dead in her off her ex-boyfriend georre huguely is charged with herrmurder. >hundreds of people are for eeily curt state!! emily, a boobing last july. she has haddto endure more than a dozen surgeries. in julyyher class had a prayer service and tonight they will hold a fundraiser. emily'' dad says the cost of medicare are aatronomical. >> we re working on a plan to actually get her home into the house, and i contacted my insuranceecompany and just something as simple as a wheelchair ramp, they have noo3
7:07 am
idea r there's no coverage for that. people have to be stuckkin the hospital because they don't ave a wheel ramp to get home..3 >> the fundraiser for emily will be held toniiht from 63!!!6:30 o 10:30 p.m. at our lady of perpetual help in elllcott city. it's anothee purple frrday as tell us ravenn prepare to finally host their first home game of the year. one dun contaa dundalk family. joel d smith is live at i home -here everyyday is purple for them.3ú thatt' alot of purple. >> reporter: they have the3 control of the remote.ake they bought these chairs as they are right here with the emblem already in. other things they modiff anddit lookk so great. %-looks for verizon.troller this is theeversion that they have. we got kevin right here. you made this,,telllme how you -id it? >> i took the contrrller
7:08 am
completely apart. i spray painted the end. i spray painted and thhn i put a %-sound easy. ú%e turf, i guusss where did yyu get he turf and he turf youucan buy anywhere. the eeblem i did with stin sills. i made the stensils. >> reporter: they're going to have o hire you and put you at the stadium. this is pretty good. whattwas the most difficult thing in his room. we see a lot of intricate stuff, you tell me? >> i would say the carpet. ú%eecarpet i had to paint all the room.. -> reporter: and look at the t.v. right here. they had to put the t.v. in first and build theewall around the t.v. how big is this.
7:09 am
>> reporter: 65 inches of pure viewing pleasure. >> the first home game is this weekend, do they even want to home game or do they watch everything there. it was her idea for this room. she doesn't like to be around people. they make silly comments. sse wants to concentrate on her game. that is what she wants. i don't think you an payyher to llave out of this room. you paid enough to have the -oom, 5,000 later, she wants to be here during the game. >> i understand that. i get it. i underrtand. tell them though have fun thiss3 weekend. got it. while ravees fans are showing off their urple pride on our website. these students and faculty members froo curtis bay ravens geaa.chool put on their there thhy are? they put on their ravens geaa for back to football friday and
7:10 am
went is out and lined on the shape of a football. send us your photts showingú off your purple pride. go to and click on the community features sectton. it's friday and thattmeans our facebook page about anythhng you want. just go to and interesting comments already. this weekend. goiig irborne llke rrvens defenseewe are bringing tte heat. it looks like temperatures are -oing to get nnar the
7:11 am
7:12 am
fly high into the weekend, the amily high weekend fly in southwess area park is the biggest eeent for airpprt
7:13 am
control enthhsiaats. bob is live with all this morning's hommtown details. it's foogy morning. >> great. >> it's a foggy morning, but not too foggy that we can't see what is going on min behind you. helicopter.3 this is an example of what we will be flying this weekend. >> what exactly are we seeing. what kind of helicoptee is that. >> ii's a t recollection. i'-- it's a t-rex. i don't know too much about this. >> we are seeing himmdoothat. is this the kind of event where people can ome out and trr this themselves? %-what zack is doing, unless you have experience. instructoos that will be able to help. you can fly without fear of wrecking something..3 >> and bobb the fog should be
7:14 am
gone and you should have a gorgeous weekend to do this. >> i hope so, asslong as it's sunny and low winds, verybody will have a good time. >> we will give people informatioo about how to get out to you.3 the family un weekend fly inis sunday.area park on saturday and for more informatton log on to foxbaltimooeecom/morning. %>> i think the people in the nauseous..3 i tell you what, ittwas a rough flight. not s much fun if you are making your way through the fog that is something you can use this morning. we can use the rain, nothing %-other than the you oot temperature, thoughh it's warm, 73 degrees at the inner harbor and variableewind and holding steady on the barometer. the dew point is up in thh upper 60s so it's going to be a humid day. 73 degrees is the temperature in baltimore. the same for d.c. and 66 up in hagerstown. warm across the entire state this morning and it will only ú-climb toward the record of 95,
7:15 am
we will see if we try record with a warm front pushing north and east. cooler air is on the wwy as we get a more northwesterll flow behind this cool front. no rain out of that either, the cool air does come our way, cooling into the 80s tomorrow3 which ssstill above averrge but low 70s for he sunday which will beebelow average.3 we are keeping our eye on the -ropics, because we do have a tropical storm there. matthew is spinning here withh3 foo miles annhour winds oving toward central america.ú it should mmke landfall by the end of the weekend. -e will be bracing ourselves for that. a lost that moisture starts to stream up in our general direction setting the state for tte moisture. 70 degrees is the eastern shorr. it will be breezyyat times. as faa as the central part of tte state, 93 dgrees heee and a lot of sunshine ann 5-15-mile-an-hour wind. there it's warmer under that ridge, a little stronger there at 94 degreessfor the high in the western part of maryland.ú tonight 69 degrees overnight for the low. another warm night under mainly
7:16 am
clear skiessthen. 85 tomorrow as we beginnto cool down. as i said still !above average. we rop 00degrees orrso. 72 degrees on sunday. ravens home opener then, it temperature will be at 1:00 p.m. around 70 degrees. it should be very comfortable day though for the game. you're lucky if you have tickets. 75 degrees on onday and showers and maybe more of them for %-for mid-to upper 70s.thursday you will have tickets unless you're an actual brown. you don't want to be theee this weekend. let's take a look at roadways. here is lauren cooke with the i think it's going to be an ugly game. >> reporter: i think so. it's an ugly commute this morning with a ton of fog. here is a live look at a shot of 83. you can'' see much hhre at you're dealing with a ton of ú%duced visibility. you want to look at reddced speeds. at harford road where you can
7:17 am
see we are dealing with a good bit of fog in this vicinity as well. outer loop is going to be jammed. you're looking at a 17-minute we are dealing withhseveralú accidentssú %-aacrash and another inthere's nottingham right on bel air road at rossville boulevard. fortunaae nn problems to report traveling through the fort mmcenry, but we are dealing street. anooher crash in ho howard couny at the intersection of route 40 at rogers avenue..3 %-back to you.track eege report. still ahead, lindsayylohan the court hearing she faces3 today and why she could end up back in jail. and he knows what he is doing on the basketball court. stay tuned as you we teet a3 former
7:18 am
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you this this morning, two men charged with attempted murdering following a beating the at the sheraton hotel will head to trial. dominican der son and abdullaa were at a birthday partt when a fight broke out. woodland shot somebody and that is when anderson and abdullah began to beat him. lieutenant brandon looney will e laid to rest on tuesday, september 30th, att3 st. john's baptist church. he was one of eight people killed in a helicopter crash on tuesday. a project to bring offfce and retail space to the city's on he west side may be put on hold. the baltimore business journal is reporting that the state projecttwon't move forward until the city approves a tax break. critics are wondering whether %-in aatough economy.fective one
7:21 am
lieutenant govern or anthony brown says it will revitalize state government. when it comes to basketball, -e definitely knows all the tricks of the trade. but when it comes to football, i'm hoping for the slam dunk with this week's pick. predictions, i'm picking on former harlem globetrooter. >> you're a basketball guy, yoo're not not football. >> you got to remember, iiplay footballlan and boxing. >> cleveland browns at baltimore ravens, it's our home openee. i'm so happy to see our team here, what do you think? >> ravens all dayylong all day long. >> even though cincinnati beat us. -he rev ref gave that to them.
7:22 am
bay. >> have you seen tampa play. >> yes. >> i'm wondering. steve fertigg do you think they can beat pittsburgh. >> plus we want to the raven to be up 2-1. >> i know, we do. i'm going to o with the steelers, aa much as i don't like the steelers, i'm going to go with the steelers. >> so you areewwth pittsburgh. >> no, i'm not with pittsburgh,3 don't put words in my mouth. don't you have thh ravens fans coming at me. >> cincinnaai engals at carooina panthers. >> cin-cinci all day long. >> i can't give them that. cincinnati they left up and won against us laat week. i don't think they can dd two weeks in a row. panthers.they want to win. redskins and st. louis ramm. >> i'm going with the skins.
7:23 am
>> i thought they were going to3 win last week. happened? back to the game, whaú >> good football. >> yyu know what, i'm going to go with the skins. %-i'm going to go with the skii, too. >> philadelphia eagles, i'm not sure if i'm liking my picks. we're agreeing. fill eagles nd jacksonville jaguar. >> there's controversy on thiss3 one. >> yeah, because they saying that the carve is the quurterback. >> but look at how well they did last week. >> i'm going to go with jacksonville. in the hopes that he gets hurt and they put vick back in. a minor injury. you know, hurts his pinky. i don't want him hurt, just out of the gall. >> w -- game. >> we havv two games that we are >> is that what we're pptt.
7:24 am
log on to and give ussyour pigskin predictions. if you choose the most wins correctlyythis week,,you could win $25 in gift certificatess3 frommkentucky fried chiccen. >> are you getting ready to give me some? who are you working with? you got to catch it. yyu got to catch? >> football is down.
7:25 am
7:26 am
> lindsay lohan heads back too3 court today to facc the judge again after ailing a drrg test and tweeting about it to her -ollowers. lohan's probation was revoked on monday following thheadmission and dependinggon toddy's
7:27 am
outcome, there's a chance she could end up intake in tte backú slammer. nicole collins joins with us the latest on lohan's troubles. >> reporter: she failed two drug tests, one thatt howed the presence of the cocainn and aderal. the la county probation deeartment is not recommendingg3 thattlohan receive anytime behind bars but they are recommending that she get slammed with a 30 dy sentence for the test thaa showed cocaine in her system. the judde could sentence her to 30 days behind bars, buu because of crowding, sse could be ut because of overcrowding. the ther optioo ii that the judge throw her in jail. lohan is scheduled tooappear in
7:28 am
a courtroom at 11:00 a.m. we will see what happens what decides to take. the judge >> it's so interesting thaa i mean, it's just very interesting. i kkow there's family drama for the lohan's also. whaa is going on with that. >> reporter: yeah, they always have family drama it seems like. the mother has a restrrining order against lindsay's mother michael. she is going tt the hearing, but michael is going as well. he is bringing a preacher to give lindsay advice, bbt if he does that, he could be in ttouble forrviolating the rettaining order. >> throw them ll in jail together how about that. >> reporttr: there you go good addice. >> tthre you go, nicole. are you funnier than thh resttof baltimore? prepare as we plan to announce the secood funniest winner inn3 our funny contest.
7:29 am
it has been eating for garbage now, but the chesapeake ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ 7:31 is the imm.
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7:31 am
you're taking a live ook out in norrh baltimore where it's a foggy start to the morning even foggier ii some places along portions of 83 as lauren has been showing us. yyu can't even seeeyour hand in front of you.ú be careful as you head out. all the fog is causing schooo delays. caroline county schools are opening two hhurs late because of it. canton schools are 90 minutes
7:32 am
laae this morning. let's get a check of our forecast and see what else meteorologist steve fertig can >> no fog in here, i can see my hand. outside it's some places moree3 than others. once you et past the foggy start, it's going o turn very sunny, but very hot, too. the recorr will be 95, we can get to 93, maybe getting o the 99. right now look at how wwrm it is. %-in salisbury and hagerstown at 68. so it's warm all over ffr the start of the ddy, but it only no rain on the sky hd radar. the warm front moving nortt and east brings the warm temperatures to start and thh hot temperatures to finish this afternoon. cooler air is on tte wwy for the weekend especially as we get through sunday. here is what we can expect, near record high temperatures today, low 90s as we said. as we look attthe headlines, and low 70s for sunday. kneaded -- needed showers come3
7:33 am
our way and sooe of the rainshowers could be heavy if we get some of matthew's moisturr, that a tropical storm in the gulf coming ouu way. herr issthe track edge tt tell d lauren cook is her cooke is herl about it. taae a look at the shot at shawan road, you can't even see we are ealing wiih a lot of reduced visibilitiment a!! visi. as we maae ourrway toward the beltway, taking a look at harford road, ii's going to e very foggy in the vicinity as well. you're looking at an 18-minute ride from 95 to 83 with an avvrage speed of only 33 miles per hourr it will remain heavy as we mmke our way toward thh est side from 795 to 5.ú yyu're look ago the a a 11-minute trip, it will be foggy on the northeast corridor of 95 where we are dealing with delays. you're looking aa a 6-minute trip with an average speed of
7:34 am
43 miles per hour. that's a lookkat the traffic edge. ú%ck to you. thank you,,lauren. the clludy, murky bay watee that often smellsspretty bad could soon get the pollution3 diit it needs. today the federal environment environmental protection agency is set to release its %-megan gilliland is live with e latest on what that means foor3 you in the days andd ears to comm, good morning, megann -> reporter: good morning, patrice. this is a big deal ffr waterway -t and smell it every dayyand eat out of it. the algae -- poluted and algae ú%ants. dirty as a toilet. -p>> when it rains, you know, al whether it's pet waste, whether it is wildlife, yoo know, goose poop, whatever, you know all of that is running off into our
7:35 am
waterways. >> now those concerns couud be washed away. less than a month ago six bay maryland ncluded the clean up plans under a restoration strategg ordered by president obama. nnw the epa will release its plln today and ii ill require sweeping actiin by the watershed statts. there was one ripple made inn3 virginia.3 officials are concerned about the cost and also the science behind the clean up strategy whiih will likely require pollution cuts by farmers, sewage plaats opeeators and others as well.3 megan gilliland. fox 45 morning neww. baltimore. it happened at 10:00 yesterday morning at norrh broadway and east oliver street. poliie ay the victim was shot several times in the stomach. he taken to hopkins where he police have no motive or %- a driver dies after losig control of her ar in thee3
7:36 am
parring lot of whitemarsh mall. it happened around noon onú thursday. a woman was driving quickly light poll. lot hen she hit aú the imfact caused her to be thrown from the car. the sceee. investigatoos say the woman could have been involved in a shont liftin!!shop shifting ince -kia storr, but she wasn't %ursuud at the tiie of the police are assing for peeple to come forrard. will he mmnt garrison tried to rape a woman in her apaatment in july. he sexually assaulted another woman in her apartment in monica place in june. garrison was arrested last week3 because heematched thee3 description that both victims gave police. >> he detectives arrested him but did not have enough a week ago to charge him with these. dna swabs were taken and they were confirmed by our biology
7:37 am
unit that he was in fact the one who committed those crimes. >> police want to know if garrison is respoosible for other crimes at woodlawn. he is being held at the county detention center without bond. the termmfan comes from the worr fanatic and nowhere is tha3 more clearer than in the homes of somm purple blooded raven fans. joel smith ii live at dundaak at one of those homes where the family who lives inside s definitely full of fanatics, both inside and outside, i see. >> reporter: amaziig. great stuff hereein dundalk..3 we have kevin and kim. this is the ride ttat kim takes in eveey day. kevin taaes the chopper a lot of days and these have someú ú%blems. whhn you need some good luck, give thissguy a high 5. all right, kevin you goo to love this chopper. what do people thinkkwhen they drive out here and see ll of ú%issstuff. tell me about the chopper and
7:38 am
the favorite part of it? >> i -- it's [ inaudible ] . >> reporter: then oo coorse, the ravens and the rrvens emblem. that brings over to this, a hummer, a ravens hummer. looo the at ddtailing whenn3 you're ttlking about thee3 numbers. it says i believv purple. let's bring you to the back and that is where kim is. work??3 -p>> yes, do. reporter: you get a lot of smiles. what do peoppe say when they see this on the street. >> one lady had asked me, what do you do at the end of the season, o you take that off? >> no, iidon't take that off. leave that on. you have the purple is everywhere. and to the back, i want to show you one more thing. when kim hits the brakes, yyu kkow what is happeniig, the liihts really go through the eyes there. one more time on theebrake, hii
7:39 am
it right there. thht's purple. she rives like a raven and i can't think of a better hummer or a better ouse than this one right now. patrice, this place is awesome. >> they don't drive in opposing territory, they wouldn't drivv that tt cleveland, would they. >> reporter: no, but she went to the beach last week, and there were a llt of steelers fans who gave her the boo. she id not run them overr i have been lookiig, for the towels unddrneath the place, i haven't seen them yet. i might have stepped on the gas. ravens fans are showing off theirrpurple pride on our website. we see this. these are schhol children who went out and formed a football very nice! a lot of ffns out there. -e want you to send us your pride. go to and click on the community featurrs section.
7:40 am
booo worms celebrateethe start of the baltimore ook festival..3 the event kicked ff at own vernon and mayor stephanie rawlings-blake was thhre and our ú%n teve fertig was there. nagil barker will be in town to3 discuss hissnext book. one of the ontests of this season of thh hit modeling coometition is from here from more. jane from america's next top model will join us live in our studio coming up n the 8:00 hour. it's friday which means it's your turn to tall on our facebook age about anything you want. let us know what is oo your mind and your comment could air in our feedback segment.ú to joinú the conversation. %-memorabilia on displaa at the sports legend museum.
7:41 am
heavy fog causing gridlock across our area. look at the slide ssot. you cannt even see 83. i will let you know where else you will need
7:42 am
7:43 am
to deallwith. all this week we have been looking at someone as funny as fox. we have picked three winners who all submitted jokks to our website. our second win initial o winner.
7:44 am
-owhat does a beaver say tt the tree? been nice knowing you. if you want to hear more jokes, thooe crickets aren't me. you want to hear more jokes, watch all new comedies this ffll here on fox 45. %-tuesday's at 8:00, raising hoe at 9:00 and running wii wilde at 9:300 if you didn't win, we areegoing to reveal one more winner. some people ttought it was hysterical, and some people not as muchh buttthhy won. sky d radar looking rather dry right now. day because of the fog out there. that's the nly thing and itts a thick fog that you have to eal with some spots. some spoos more ttan others but tte fog is definitely a problem.
7:45 am
we will hear from lauren cooke in a minute thaa will ive you the problem areas.e roadways and 73 degrees is the tempeeature right now. it's a warm start to the day but it may become a problem with the heat that is goong to climb. -aam wind and 90% relative humidity. 70 is the dew point which meens it's definiteey humid out there. it will be a hot and humid day as we claim from the 70s toward the reeord of 99 later. 73 in both baltimore and d.c. 70 some salisbury and 68 in hagerstown. and itts not very cool t all. warm air is the start. as i said and behind he warm front thh southwesterly flow is going to continue to bring in %-this afternoon.peratures for looks like tomorrow in theit mid-80s, still above average, though, and low 70s for sunday. so that is when the real cool in fact, it will be below where we should be for this time of year by sunday. meanwhile we areekeeping aa eye
7:46 am
on tropical storm matthew. we're keeping n eye on it. it defiiitely pooes a threat to central america. you will see its course takes it inland by this weekendment and then the other concern is that a lot of this moisture steers tt the norrh as you caa see. over the yucatan peninsula and coming our way it could get some rain that will be fairlyú significant around here asú ú%%-90 degrees for the high tod. looking like a dry day with the humidity only making it ffel more oist out there. south winds at 10-15. the central part of the state the record is 95, we have had. 5790 plus days this year. and we might have the bay. that is annall time regarr --ú that 58, that is an all time record. the skies should clear,
7:47 am
hopefully my mouth does, too. hopefully tomorrow, we have 72 on sunday. if you're headed to m&t bank staaium. 1:00 start. the ravens kickoff - i guess 77 degrees for the game timee3 ttmperature, though west inds at 5-10 and we look forwarr to the last coring. ii comes the rain, 78 and 79 for tte tuesday and, wednesday andú thursday each with a chance of showers. are the shhwers. hopefully the ravens have what it takes to the beat the browns this sunday.ú %--ain.ooking forward to that fog n 83, taking a live look.f ú%ereeyou're taking a live lookk turn on the low beams iffyou are %-morning.across he region this
7:48 am
here is live look at 95, south of 695 and you can see t's going to be very foggy in this -icinity. yoo're looking at a 6-minute ttip from whitemarsh to the beltway as yoo take a look at the fog ill persist. it's going to be very slow along the harford bridge. road, will you notice quite a 17-minute ride from 795 to 95. we do have an accident in pikesville that you waat to watch out for rrght on reisterstownnroad as you approach the ú%
7:49 am
7:50 am
p>it's friday, thht meens it's time for our fox 45 viewers to sound off about anytthng you
7:51 am
ú%n. us what is your mind for our facebook feedback segment. here ww go. tired f seeing commerccals blaming ehrlich for tte rate hike. javon says the street construction oo light street and surrounding streets downtown, is really disgusting and irritating. come on.3 downtown is a mess and you deccde to merge all traffic to must you do it uring rush hour. i have to commute eeery day, and unfortunately thhs is the ooly i can taae. sse sounds prettt upset. daniel, i'm so with you on this one. ú% there a stink buggppague. >> i had a battle with them yesterday. >> tte raven are going to kick some butt this sunday. -onnt let me down. i'm proud to wear purple on
7:52 am
>> i'm telling you he was supposed to pick anybody, i was3 never supposee to pick ttem. >> i think it's a shame that footbbll gets so much recognition ut cheerleading doesn't. work hard. %-cheerleaders, too. p>> coming up lay i ter on fox 45 morning -- later on fox 45 stay tuned to win the last pair of tickets to the virgin weekend fest. we take a look at the
7:53 am
[ male announcer ] antiques can be nice. but you wouldn't want an antique computer. or an antique tv. ♪ or an antique remote control. so why are you still using an antique cable network created in 1948 for your 2010 tv? it's time to hook your tv up to a 100% fiber optic network.
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it's time for fios. visit call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. ehind every great ttam is a great coach. for the terps bas basketballltem
7:55 am
he issbeing hooored in a big wayy >> o many people have love for gary williams, easy to see why, buu you are honoring him in the fall gala. tell me about that? >> gary going in his 22nd he has brought more joyy nn excitemeet to the fans heree %-competitive. teams are he has won a national championship and has kept maryland on the map. it's fun to root for the -aryland terps. %-hippodrome we arr honnring him and doing something we have never done that before. legends. he is being a ab ducted. >> he is the first person going in? >> that's a nice honor. -p>> we're going to honor or
7:56 am
induct people who we haae honored at previous gala's, like babe ruth and johnny unites.3 %-the hippodrome including a lot of formmr players, coaches from around the country who are coming in to help us pay tribute. ppr feen eliparaphernalia thatto gary. >> we brought the national championship trophy. it's the firstttime that has ú%en off display..3 we brought ii today because ww wanted everyone to take a good3 look at it. we have the net, we have the suit that he wore when he won the nationnl chammionship..3 it ssill has the plane ickees in his pockets nd other things from that season. for the gala we'rr going tt be bringing more gary williams stuff at the hippodrome. >> beyond the wins thatthe has
7:57 am
obviously been able to help the team to get. his person a, eople just like him? >> we investigate people that we'reehon arin honoring and yook into their lives and what theyy3 mean to the community. gary,,we have found and it's not a surprise, buu he is a grrat ambassadorrfor the university of maryland. virtually every day he is out there doing sooething ffr the university, and e raises money for special causes like coaches verrus cancer. hh is a greet community guu and a great guu for the university >> sounds like a great night. >> ttank you for coming in. coming up innour 8:00 hour. she is fighting to be america's %-meet the baltimoreenative strutting her stuff on the cw we have been inside showing you a great ravens house, but3 how about outside as well. they know how to ssow off the
7:58 am
up next how much it costs to ú%
7:59 am
8:00 am
dress up. too sexy for sesame street. whh katie perry was booted rom the show. yyu know vegetables are good for your health, but can they save your life? how thisssic zucchini savee a d3 attack. -p we kickoff purple friday t one family's house that could be hard to beat.
8:01 am
good morniig, it's riday septtmmer 24th. it's a foggy friday and kent and queen ann coonty schools are opening 90 minutes late this morning. this morninn. one thing we can see is that weekend because it's right here in front of us. that's right, ggod morning, i'm patrice harris. and good morning, i'm megan gilliland. meteorologisttsteve fertig is here to let us know the details about the fog. the moisture is producing the fog this morning. it's just not the rain we need. of rain. we have to get past the foggy starttand talking about definitely a pretty afternoon, a lot of sunshine but a hot one too. 73 degrees in baltimore, 72 in salisbury ndd69 in hagerstown.
8:02 am
ú%dicating a whole lot out there deal with out there. a hot day, tteerecord is 95, we are going to say 93 for the hot but with the humidity cerrainly feeling hotter once again. cooler air moving in but tropical storm matthew. does that have any kind of next week.our weather oming talk bout that. now lauren cooke as a look at the trafficcedge. >> reporrer: thank you, steve. we have heavy fog accrss the %-it's going to be worst at baltimore countyy we take a look at the harrisbur3 expressway. if you areetraveling 88, do watch out for truck fire. ii you're using 95 at white match checking n and taking a live look south of the beltway. it's foggy here. reduce the speedss turn on the high beams, do expect delays traveling on the southbound lanes of 955 frommwhitemarsh to the beltway, yoo're looking t an 8-minute
8:03 am
trip with an average speed of 55 miles per hour. things will only get worse if from 95 tt 83.on the beltway thaatii going to take you 22 minutes. we're looking at an average no relief on tte west side, traffic is picking up even more. that trench is going to take you 21 minutes and there you're lookkng at an average speed of that's the trafficcedde report. patrice and megan. back o ou? thank you be lauren. 8 vow 3:00 n fox 45 mornin5 morning news. today the federal environmental3 release a estooation plan for the waterway. if the plan works, it means you ú%n breaahe easily for the first time in a while wiihout holding your nose. the bay and for all of us that eat out of it. >> the bay is loaded with sediment pollution. our bay is in trouble.
8:04 am
>> less than a mooth ago, six watershed states including marylanddsubmitted their clean up plans unner a restoration strategy ordered by president obama. the epa will release its plan today. it will require sweeeing action by all of watershed states. a maayland priest agrees to plead guilty to sexual abuse charges. 70 years old thomas blevins is due in court this morning and is expected to agree to a plea deal on charge that he sexually abused a boy in 1976. he was indicted in january of two counts of child abuse..3 the diocese removed him from pastor from the such in cumberland. they are having aaday of dialogue following tte murder of jarredl!!!eardley love. university officials decided to hold theediscussion following love's death in may. she was found dead in her off
8:05 am
campus apartment chevy seis res, george huguell is charged in her murder. when this photo was taken in johannesburg south africa, emily wws just beginning to recover. she has already endured more %-in july, her claasmates at ak deehad aprayerrservice. tonight they will have a fundraiser. her father says that the costs -f her healthcare are asttonomical. get her home into the house. i contacted my insurance companies and something as though coverag!!--there's no co. people have to be stuck innthe hospital because there's no wheelchair ramp. >> the fundrriser will be held at our lady of perpetual help at
8:06 am
>bookkworms celebraae the start of the ninth annual book festival. the event kicks off at mount vernon. mayor stephanie rollings blake and our own steve fertig was there to kickoff the event..3 nagil barkee frrm nnxt top model wiil be in town to discuss his next book. one the contestants ii from right here in baltimore the jane -rom america's next top model will join us live instudio ater this hour. -p instead of teaching kids o count, the people at sesame street may be counting he number offcomplaints from parents after a video from an upcoming eeisode of the show featuring singer katie perry hit youtube. some are saying thaa pop star neees to cover up frommher cameo ♪ th elmo.
8:07 am
>> the video you're seeing there has gotten about a millionú views. ooe youtube user asked ii sesame street a porno now. but some a it's no big deal. sesame is pulling the segment because of the negative feedback. a montana woman fights off a bear withha zucchini. the 200-pound bear attackeddthe womanns 12 years old dog. she yelled at the better but the animal charged her. grabbed the zucchini from theú kitchen ounter. the woman threw the vegetable at the animal and ran into tte woods. >> i guess the bear didn'ttlike vegetables. it's another purple fridayyú as the avens prepare tt hhst their firss home game of the year. but every game s a home gaae for one dunnalk family. ú% reporter: joel d smith ii live at the that home where every day is obviously a purpll
8:08 am
one. you can already see the ravvns paradise there. >> reeorter: thats a good name for it. that's what it it is, guys, raaens ppradise. when you need paradise, you need flamingos, especially purple oness here is the masserpiece. the ravens hummer, and kim, you often do yyu clean it? >> i clean it at least every two days. >> reporter: hoo long does it take? >> about an hour and a alf. %-commitment and yyu can see how intricate and how beautiful this which is hy she has to do that. on the side this is awesome as well. you're in theefan zone so be careful. come over here, kim. you get a lot of atttntion when you have a vehicle like this. >> yes. >> you came over. ú%at do you think of thing? >> i think it's awesome. when they start the car.
8:09 am
>> reporter: when you hit the brake, the eyes light up herr. that is pretty cool, when they saa play like a raven, they mean over the place. it gets a lot of attention rom people around here and evee when she on the road, people decide to waive at her and take pictures. she got out of the car. she is ready to roll and go to worr and show this off again. inside it's nuts as wwll. we wanted to show you inside and here in dundalk. i'm ure they're excited for the game tomorrow. >> thanks, joel. still to come, ready set launchh where you can haae high up next on ourrhometown hot3 aftee a foggy start look for pleety of
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
>>soar into the weekend, the family fun weekknd fly at southwest area park is baltimore's biggest's even evenr the enthusiasts. good morning, bbb. >> tell me about eveet. and helicopters from all shapes and siies from very small to the full scale.which is 35% of >> that is very nice. how many people come out tt this kind of vent, how many >> between pilots andd3 expectators we are exep expectia couple f hundrrd people. plane. >> we are trainers so anyyne whh can try thhir hand at it, they can try with a calm, witt the
8:13 am
instructor. in the event of a panic, the save the plane. %-to this kind of thing notoutt3 knowing much abbut it and go home and become fans of this and start toopractice on heir on? >> this is 101 of th one of reae have this eventmen event. we are raffling a trainer on site. p> thank you for joinnng us this morning. >> thank you for having us. we hope you can ccme out and try it? >> i caa fly a plane. it's at the southwest area park saturday and sunday at 10:00 a.m.ment for more 10:00 a.m. foo more information log on to3 nice camera work. it's going to be tough to not just see a little plane lik3 that, but to see that far in front of you because the fog is up and reduced visibility.
8:14 am
%-other than the moistureherwise producing the fog. that we can use.3 we might see some by next week. we have the foggy start this morninn. humidity as the become rising. this hour, 74 at d.c. and the cooler spots. the temperaaures are going to climb quite a bit toward the record of 95. maybe a couple of degrees shy. we might tie the record. the showers stay to the west as we see the warm front moving north and east. cooler air is going to move in. that is going to bring the temperatures above 80 tooorrow. by sunday it will be elow average as we see the yus jump m the low 90s today to low 70s, a 20-degree or so drop. we are looking at for a couple -t presents a problem for centrallamerica as it moves inland. and the it steers north and the
8:15 am
moisture comes our way maybe by next week. that could set the stage for more rain that could be on the heavy side if it comes our way by it looks like monday nightt3 into tuesday and wednessay. for today, though, 90 degrees for the high ith a lot of sunshine for the eastern shore. the central part of the state a ú%itle bit warmer up to 93 degrees. the warmest part of the state should be out to the west where we get 94 degrees and plenty of suushine there as well. tonight a warm night, 69 thee3 overnight loo under clearrskies. tomorrrw 89 degrees for theú high. 72 on monday, kickoff temperature around 70 degrees and 75 degrees on monday, 79 on tuesday with someeshowers, ann then rainshooers continue, wednesday, 78, and 79 on thhrsday. now for a look at had a should happening on the roads. here is lauren cooke with the track edgee >> reporter: thank you, steve. ww have still dealing with a ton of fog that is going to be worst in baltimore county. take a look at the shot.3 you can barely see 83 at warren road. it's getting better buu still
8:16 am
we're dealing with tremendous reduced visibility.ú using the corridor of 95, here say look south of the 695. you will notice, we re dealing with -- if you can pull up that shot. we are dealing withhfog in this area. you do want to expect delays an 8-minute ride from whitemarss boulevard to the beltway with aa average speed of only 22 milee ú%r hour. things will get worse as we make our waa out of he beltway. that is going to give you 52 minutes, there's you''e looking at an average speed of 72 miles per hour. no relief, you're looking at a a 20--inute ride with an average speed of only 22 miles per hour. that's the traffic edge report. patrice is megan, back to you. thank you, lauren.ú still to come, doesshe have what it takes to baltimooe's own america's next top model contest ant, jane joins us instudio. and later he latest video is a real dog.
8:17 am
how directors got knees pups to per -- these pups o
8:18 am
8:19 am
>>step out against pedestrian pc cancer.3 sinai is holding a walk to benefit the pediatric oncollgist. gooo morning to you. >> good morning, thank you. >> this race, it's a 5k run or %-if you're getting a little scared about actually running, -p>> it starts with a 10k run at 8:00 and a 5k ruu and a 1 mile walk. i do the walk. the 1 mile walk s great for us, because a lot of our ammlies that we take care of, come out
8:20 am
with their kids and staff as welll it's a great event. this is the 8 year doing it. i think we have over 1200 runners who haae been registered. it looks tock a great eveet -- looks to be a great event for us >> you are talking about the ú%milies that are going toobe waaking as well. that is who this is all about. %-to keee this going.s important >> we have the cancer progrrm in town that treats children of ll ages and opened aanew pediatric unit foo the cancer patients. ú%e donations for the race go toward supporring amilies in a direct way. they have a lot of needs.ú there's a lost things that impactttheir lives in aanegative toward immacting them, and improving the quality of life foo them and their commune the. >> if something else is going on in their life, thht doesn'' mea3
8:21 am
this cause. this is something year-round you >> absolutely. weehave a new outpattent facility but we are initiating the construction of a new pediatric inpatient unit with a separate oncology building. >> it's going to be connected to the present building..3 >> meantime we are goinn to ggar up for this weekend anddcome together ffr a good one and steve has already said good weather. -p>> fabullus. and they will be catering afterwards so people can stop by >> sounds great.ú i will be out there with you ggyss and look forward to seeing all of you as well. thank you for coming in. p>> forrmore information check out our website at was your yol joke the best? we are going to announce the winnee of the funniest joke contess. the merica's next top model %3
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
is she ameeica's next top model. %-show is from baltimore. the cw jane is back in her hometown and ú%e is here with us to talk about the show. >> hi. >> i know that the episodes are still airing so we can't -- i would like to ask you, who won, did you win? i know you can'tttalk about that, but juss talk about the experience, what made yu want to do it??3 modeling. it. i took a couple of pictures at mm dorm rrom ann sent them into the websitt and i got a call saying come to new york
8:25 am
audition. you're a stuuent at princeton n i'mma junior. >> and you played lacrosse. >> i used to play wil lacrosse. >> i'm going to go spend my summer to do modeling? >> i couldn't tell my ssmmer..3 i said i was in australia a traveling abroad. that explained the absence. >> talk about what it's like. everybody is comet tive. competittve, everybbdy is trying to win. what is atmosphere. >> t's a competitive environment but examinin comingm lacrosse aad a sports background, i'm used to that. bbt it's really eeery girl for herself. >> really? is it difficult. it looks like like ffn in some >> modeling is way harder than i anticipated it woull be. i thought it wassstanding there, but it really is a model's job to move and getta good picture. >> are you ever self conscious standing there in the camerr.ú
8:26 am
>> with the show it's not just cameras behind you. was freaked out by the camera and evvry camera. >> after having the experience do you till want to a model. >>definitely. this was y first ttste in the world of ashion, i loved it. p> hey transform you they tell3 you what you should look like. what was that like forryou? >> i mean, it's definitely weird..3 i got my hair changed. the makeoverrepisode justú happened. i never thoughh of being blonde. >> right.3 and you know, i like it.a change >> you do? you will keep, you think? >> i think ss. it's a lot of upkeep. the extensionssanndit takes longer to brush. >> i know you can't talk about the endinn, but do you -- will you stay friend with those girls or some..3 i have been keeping in touch with a lot of girls.
8:27 am
we have facebook. we all know each other? >> now that your friends are able to know what you were doing what are they saying abouu it?ú and calling me throughout the show. i mean, i like telling hem not >> exactly. >> what is the most bizarreú thing that yyu ddd while youu3 ú%re there that you can teel us. >> being on camera, whileeyou're talking about washing your socks one time while someone is filming you. i remember having that conversation an it was the most biiarre thing. >> weewill keep watching to sse howwit ends up. you ccn watch all nee episodes of america's next top moddl at %-baltimore.tation at the cw jane. there's only one pair left. ú%ur last chance to in inffst
8:28 am
tickets coming p in justta minute. ♪ ♪ and. >> nd laaer the music business is a doogy dog world..3ú the musiccvideo that takes that to heart. you are watching fox 45 morninn news, all looal all morning. ♪ [ monkey cheeps ] [ male announcer ] a bath becomes even more pleasurable when you know that your water is being heated in an environmentally- conscious way while saving you hundreds of dollars on your water-heating energy bill. the geospring water heater from ge with advanced hybrid technology. heating the water in your home any other way is just going to seem primitive. [ monkey cheeps ] ♪ maryland residents can save up to $780 while funds last.
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8:30 am
with the comeebaak tt tox 45 mornnng news. it's a foggy start to the morning. caroline county schools are opening two hours late and kent late this mont morning. let's turn to meteorologist steve fertig. he has a hard job this morning >> nnt too tough, but e got to get rid of this fog and then it willlprobably take another 45 minutes or so before we see itt3 ease up. we will enjoy another nicee3 afternoon. weewill see temppratures climbing toward the record of 95. it will be a bit hot todayyfor sure as we fall a ccople of
8:31 am
degrees high. we wiil get to the 95, it will be close. ssy hd radarriidicating that not a holeelot other than some low level ccouds and the fog to start the day. look at where we head from here. 93 degrees, it will be a hot and humid one. there's bbg changes coming your3 %-here is lauren cooke with thel traffic eege. lauren. ú% repprter: thhnkkyou, steve. while we have been dealing with heavy fog all morning as we check in nd take a live look at warren road it will be reefier e than before. you do want to reduce the speeds you make your way out.lights as if you're raveling on the beltway, here is a llve look at harford road. this is going to be 95 to south of 695. we are dealing wth delays in -tis vicinity, 8-minutt ride from whitemarsh boulevard to the beltway. as for the beltway expect delays oo the outer loop from 95 to 83, you're looking at a 22-minute ride with an average speed ofú 28 mileesper hoor.
8:32 am
%-19-minute ride with n average speed of 53 miles er hour. that's the traffic edge report. the term fan comms from the wwrd fanatic anddnowhere is thht more clear than innthe homes of some purple-blooded ravens fans. joel dflt smith i d smith ii lin dundalk whereethe faaily that lives inside of that home is certainly, certainly full off3 fanatics. good morning, joel. it's juss a sea of purple there. >> reporter: you can barely see me. it's kind of crazy in here. ttey have gone all out from the top of the place to the bottomm here is the top of the bootom, %-and all the way to the bottom, ú% are talk about astro turf field and even the emblem has3 been spraaeddbyyttem. it's just amaziin. we have kim, this is your idea, this is your baby. this is your room. people mmght think this is great
8:33 am
but there's cost. >> i got $5,000 tied up in the rooo. >> reporter: that is putting memooablia more than ttat, right? >> right. >> reporter: this is yourr33 spot, would you rathee be heree3 or the 50-yard line at gaae. >> ere.ú >> reporter: if you are ready3 be at a place like this. %-fanatics today.dalk with the i'm joel d smith, fox 45 morning news. they''e essential ready. the ravens are goinggto be playing at home for thh first time this season on sunday and the lever cleaver brothers are gettinn tail wait ready with the -ingle wing formation, street tacos. >> hi, i'm lee, and i'm sseee. >> welcome to the another reat episode of tailgatiig with the3 clever cleaver brothers.
8:34 am
formationn, street tacos. >> that'' right, everrbodd wants to make street tacos.ú >> ww have a beautiful piece of skirt here. >> you want to wash off extra %-now we're going to hii it our traditional, simple every day seasoning, nnw from the cleaver kitchee, super hero..3 that's a great combination ofú flavors..3 i can smell it already. great, and this goes on the grill. -ut it on the grill, cook it to medium heat, probably to a medium rare is perfecc. take it off of the gill, let itú cool, slice it and you're good to go. >> we have a half a cup. mayonnaisee and 2 tablespoonsso. and we add cholula, we like this. we call t the flavorrable fire. >>i'm goinggto go withhhorse %-start there and >> we are going to put ome
8:35 am
freshly hopped cilantro. weego a tortillas and put olivv put two together to give themweú mmre body when ou're eating them. we cut the skirt steak, and i'm going to put some of the shreddee green cabbage. >> i'm going o put on reddion. you can put someered onion. >> a liitle bit and some tomato. >> yyu want to doll up the street sauce on theree >> you start making these at the party, you're goiig to be the hii. >> there you have it fflk, single winn formation street it looks good. aad go to the morning news section. no matter where yyu're from, we're looking ffr all of you ravens fanssout there. send us your purple pride jut o to foxbaltimoreecom and
8:36 am
click on the community features ssction. are you as funny as fox?
8:37 am
8:38 am
why is roman meal bread nutritious? two slices provide at least sixteen grams of whole grains and an excellent source of calcium. roman meal bread: great taste and nutrition since nineteen-twelve. bad.ú meteooologist steve fertig is going to be gone. right now hd radar howing should rrin. we might be seeing some next week. until then ii's a dry weekend. in spots. the mostly clouuy skies will give way to sunshine until late
8:39 am
morning and early afternoon.ú no wind and humidity is at 94%. anothhr humid day as the temperatures climb well into the 90s today. %-the rrcord of 95.e it clooe to iicidentally we have had 55, -0--lussdays this year and wee3 may have a 58 that issalready a record. this is a record allltime high numberrof days at 90 o or a bof. 73 ii d.c. and 70 degrees in -akland. and again, warm air is with us this morning. the hot air will be with us this ú%ternoon. sometimes eople thinn it comes right from my mouth. we have a cold front coming from the west. that is going to bring this cooler air, t looks like the %-definite lie still on the arm ú%de of ormal. -ooler than today. cooler in the low 70s assthe northwesterly low move in our direction for sunday. we are keeeing an eye onnthis, also.
8:40 am
couple of reasons is presenting aadefiiite threat to cennral ú% should make landdall by ttii weeeend, maybe late saaurday into early sunday. gulf, it could bring us moisture we could use..3 whicc could mean ú% have the better ccance of rain next week. it starts today with 90 degrees -t the eastern shore with a lot of sunshine. central part of the state should climb too93, and the record is 95. we may get there, plenty of sunshine regardless. back to the west looking t high temperatures in the 90s. in fact, 94 degrees with a too. a warm night, with clear skies and tomorrow 85 deerees, mostly sunny, 72 on sunddy..3 aa i going to take one more shot at this. >> it looks good.oof. temperaaure at 1::0 p.m.
8:41 am
ii went oo yards. - 5 52 yards. we areelookkng aa a enmovin a n %-79 on thursday. -ere is laurenncooke with the traffic edge. we're going to put hee in right now..3 >> reporter: thaak you, steve. that was quute a kick. hopefully ravensswill haveeloos3 of them on sunday and we wiil beat the browns, i'm hoping for3 that. we have fog aal orning. as you take a look at the road, it's getting better, but you want to use reduced speeds and turn on theelow beams as you heaa out thii morning. checkiig in and aking i look at the beltway, it's much clearer at liberty road. a dissbled van has cleared ffom outer loop here, but still haae a 19-minnte ride frrm 795 to 95. no problemsson to report at harrord road. a quick 12-minuue ride from 99 to 83. ú%still in effect.rrg!! warninge
8:42 am
and another at the 63 bridge, a llttle closerrin baltimore. and we do have an accident in anne arundel county right at severna park that you wanttto watch out for. it's going to be at the southbound anes offritchie highway at north stttion road.
8:43 am
8:44 am
it's a line uppyou won't want to miss..3 ú% a lot of people so excited ú%out this. it's a huge day long concert. >> t is. it's absolutely wonder. woonerful. it'ss11:00 to 11:00. >> how many bands ka yyu cra!! m
8:45 am
p> 20 bands..3 just a lot of bands. ú%'s such a wide variety off3 music? >> yeah, i think ittinvokes the virgin spirit f being eclectic, there's someehing for everybbdy. >> this s the 5th yeer running. >> it's the 5th year in the local area. we usually have more than 40,000 >> i was asking you, do you go% somewhere from here, but this is just for our area? >> for thh past 5 years it's been here outside of baltimore ú-that.e very lucky to have talk about what elss goes on that day, because theee's a little bit more in addition to the musicc >> there sure is. there's day of funn we have a ferris wheel as aa3 surprise this year. >> surprise! >> we got a lot offactivities.
8:46 am
it's a chance to give back to %-the festival has its roots in helping homeless youth. ú%st year we saw 30,000 volunteers. not 30,000 volunteers but 30,000 volunteer hours with people volunteering and fundraising, almost $30,000. >> that is great. >> you told me you hhveea surpriss. i'm going to let you tell the people whattthe suuprisse s? >> we have just maae tickees they're going for $30 and all3 proceeds go tooard the regeneration ouu effort to help ú%meless youth. >> $30 for an all day concert3 ú%ke thaa. you can't beat that? >> yeah. we made a fewwmore available anú again it's all fundraiser for homelesssyouth. can you get it down at meriwether at the ox office. >> felicia, ttaak you. it's going to be a fun daa and the weather should be reat. >> it should be an aweeome day.3 >> the virginia mobile free fest
8:47 am
is tomorrow at the mary weetherr the 10th calllr at of tickets. still to come, choreographery has gone to the dogs. ♪ ♪ what it took to get all off3 these pup to perform in a music video in just one take. 8:47 is the time. you are watching fox 45 morning news, all loccl alllmorniig. for the things you want?
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pnc. for the achiever in us all. %-hit tte screen.ú
8:50 am
we picked three winners that -nd our fine winner of thesiteú morning is -- joseph hughee from a bina bringa a bing done. %-his grandma one morning andsed
8:51 am
ú%ought her a cup of coffee. he waited for the verdict on the the grandmother hadn't had a bad cup offcoffee. she notiied three of the green army guys at the bottom of the cup. why would the three army guys would be on the ottom of ccp. ú%u know, grandma, the t like on t.v. the best paattof waking p is soldiers in your cup. >> there you go. -ongratulations. >> that is, hat is funny stuff. >> i just feel bad for the grandmother. i know how i like my cup of coffee in the morring. p> then you don't drinkk3 soldiers. let's ecap the other two winners because i thoughh these were very, veey cuue. i thought this one was pretty funny. jamessmcgaffery. he won a slide hd camera and his joke was who is the only irish
8:52 am
man toostay outside all yeer-round.ú paipatio furniture. laughed out loud. >> iidon't that i is accurate. >> noo goes in during hurricanes. >> leave it on the meteorologiss to spoil that onn. >> you want to ell the lastú joke? >> no, i really don't. >> you ttll the 3rd one. >> that's why they want to do it. >> om aloisi won a wii gaming console. -p>> what did the beaver say to the ttee? >> been nice gnawing you. i think that is good. >> sometimms funny, corny funny is good. i like corny funny. >> it's cute.
8:53 am
they're t.v. jokes. >> clean jokes, but yoo guys are ú%ing to know the answer. >> what do you call cheese thht isn't yours? >> nacho cheese, but you have to sayyit hich little -- ear. >> i'm starting to feel betterú aboot my stand up gig that i have tt do soon. i ight beebetter. >> you want to hear more jokes, yyu can watth all new comedies this fall on fox 45. catch all new episodes of glee tuesday's at today is the day i double down.
8:54 am
[ male announcer ] the kfc double down. double meat, double cheese, double bacon. double awesome. get yours today. so good. ♪ so s-o g-double-o-d good
8:55 am
you heard abouttthe one trick ponies, ut what about one take ddggies. and not just one, but a whole group of them together in one >> the latest release okay go,
8:56 am
weet viral this week with more than 3 million views online. >> we have the choreography. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. >> reporter: who cares about distance when you're a dog that gets to play in a music videe. the band is okay gg. and they go tt the dogs in one continuous take using a dozen video called white knuukle. >> oh, sure, 3 were ppenty oo it took 124 tapes, so they wont up using tape 72. the band said the dozen ddgs loved it. >> you can see, liie, yes, i
8:57 am
have done my job. it was so, so, so fun. >> reporter: okay go, is known for its complex onee3 continuous take videos, like the one featuring theegold like contraption big enough to fillú. that was engineering. this equired training. each dog had its oon trainer giving it cues. we were wondering, what had he -te answer, tennis ball with itú cheese on it. by the way, the frown dog on your right. %->> reporter: the doggy choreogrrphery featured everything from heap to shelf. >> you get what yyu want ♪ -7 you get what ou need ♪ ú% >> reporter: nott the band member feeding riiht at the dog the treat. a couple of dogs wwlkee he plank. how did tim pin the chihuahha to the okay go music.ang reactú
8:58 am
>> basicaaly daacing to a click. >> with the metro nome but with the vocals over it so we knew -here we were. >> reporter: it took six weeks, and train the dogs and get one continuous straight take. did we mention the ggatt >> repprter: the video ends that is the hardest part with the dogs getting commands toogo up and down in unison. >> i think that he is pure luck he is barking to the beat. >> reporter: but the band leader's favorite part is called popcorn featuring the spying, the lattst annne pop star. jeanneemose, cnn, new york. the tww little dogss >> they don't havv any ppgs in there. take ovee the show. >> that pop up dog, it looks
8:59 am
like the dog that steve has oveú there? %-is going to train his own dog. >> i want to e in a video. and con -!! connnr is a jack rul idon't adopt connor f you have go to connor needs to o outside because it's going to be prrtty outside, it'' going to be hot so be careful, ddn't keep the dogs 93 today, and 95 tomorrow.oao1

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